Mobile Application: Insurance - QuickTrip


Create an unexpected, innovative experience for drivers that shows how Allstate goes beyond traditional insurance protection and adds value to everyday life


People want more time in their day and a smarter, more efficient way to get around in their car. Circling and back tracking throughout their day is frustrating, causing people to spend extra time stuck behind the wheel.


We designed, developed and deployed the QuickTrip app—a tool that optimizes users’ task lists and helps them save time with multi-stop routes. QuickTrip syncs with users’ existing calendars and reminders, so they can manage their day from one place quickly and conveniently. Routes are pushed to users’ preferred map app—Google/Apple Maps or Waze, making navigation simple and seamless.


QuickTrip exceeded multiple benchmarks.

5 Star

app store rating


under industry CPI benchmark


more downloads than set goal

app store reviews

  • “So far I like the app. I like the fact I can still use Waze as my map feature.
    I drive to various locations throughout my day and I like that’s all in this app.
    Just a click away instead of loading it all into Waze individually.”

    By Rduran  
  • “This is a great app for routing my day”

    By Colombomt  
  • “Download and use often. If u have a crazy schedule this app is super handy.”

    By JKinVa  

key features

Takes your to-do list and does the work of finding the quickest order for everything.
Get personalized maintenance reminders and recall alerts for your car.
Streamlines your busy day into one efficient route.